The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab.
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The Mortuary Presents:
by Emotional.Store

Mar 8 & 9, 8pm, $10-15

The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab;
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We will share our Lincoln Heights address and other information about the happening in confirmation email.

100 Year Plan is a dystopian response to participating in the producer economy in the age of automation takeover. This live-cinema experience presents a performance of an online video in RL in which two “creatives” risk everything for digital success.

Emotional.Store is the collaborative duo of artists Scotty Wagner and Bailey Hikawa. They create large scale, multimedia projects that explore the newly forming collective consciousness brought about by the union of the physical with the virtual, and the onset of obsolescence. Through comedic storytelling, magical language, and technological seduction, Emotional.Store projects weave audience members through a viscerally weird conversation around the interplay between systems that drive technological progress and the phenomenology of engagement in a digitally and physically hybridized world.


The Mortuary is home to unclassifiable experiences, unusual collaborations, and underserved voices. We build community and incubate new performance centered around intimate exchange. We create context for liminal, hybrid, chimeric and otherwise uncontainable practices to realize themselves by doing.