The Mortuary is an RSVP only performance lab.
Upon RSVP, you will receive address and details.


Tim Tsang, Sarah Pitan and Scarlett Kim have a playdate. They media-tize their encounter into a relentless prosthetic feed. They are as intense as they are informal.

conceived by Tim Tsang

April 2nd, 2019

A simultaneous bi-locational happening
at Galerija Reflektor in Užice, Serbia 
& The Mortuary in Los Angeles

To attend LA happening for any portion of time between 10am-2pm on April 2nd:
RSVP on this page; we will share our DTLA address and other instructions in confirmation email.

Donations of any amount can be processed upon arrival.

The 5 walls, amongst many things, is a performative strategy conceived by Tim Tsang, which teases out interlocutory schematics of various kinds. These schematics are actualistic diagrams, 1:1 maps of the "real" "world", which require processes of interlocution in order for them to be complete (enough).