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“We awoke as worms and learned to crawl, then walk. When the rains came, we sang.”

You awaken as a non-human creature that slowly evolves with the help of the Guardians. Explore your body, your strange environment, and others in this non-verbal, blindfolded adventure.

Beginning starts at the dawn of time, where a group of blind beings slowly comes to life. The scenario is about the beings and their meeting with themselves, each other and the ever-changing world they live in. Through an extensive pre-larp workshops, the players get familiar with moving and playing when not seeing, and are taken into a magical world of sound, smells and feelings, but with no sight. Gradully, the beings learn to move in different ways and explore the world and the other creatures that live there. Beginning is an abstract scenario, focusing on the bodily and the senses. Played at: Blackbox Cph III (2013), Knutpunkt (2014), Black Box Horsens (2015).

No experience with larp is necessary, both beginners and veterans are welcome!


WHAT IS LARP (Experimental Nordic Style)?

Larp, or Live Action Role Playing, is an ancient, global art form where participants have some control over the narrative through a role they embody and enact through improvisational techniques. Nordic larps are often considered to be on the progressive, experimental fringe of larps.

Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish larper and scenario writer. She has a background in drama and theatre and is currently engaged in introducing the methods of Nordic larp to theatre and performing arts communities.

Aaron Vanek has been larping since 1986, and believes larps have a huge potential to change the world, one individual at a time.