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The Mortuary Presents:
飛樂 | BI-ROCK

Samulnori (Korean Percussion)
Demonstration, Experiments & Conversation

1/19/19, 4pm, $15

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Lincoln Heights (90031) address disclosed upon RSVP

Master musicians Kim Won Min (Korea National University of Arts), Kim Dong Hwan “Choori” and Kim So Min will demonstrate Samulnori, Korean folk percussion music, including traditional rhythms as well as new work and experiments.

Samulnori, with roots in Korean farmers’ harvest rituals and shaman ceremonies, is characterized by strong, accented rhythms, vibrant physicality, and energetic spirit. Each instrument - janggu, jing, buk, and kkwaenggwari - are said to respectively embody rain, wind, clouds, and thunder.

Other special guests including Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang will share new hybrid works. Artists from California Institute of the Arts will perform ‘동행’ (Donghaeng), a culminating piece of their week-long residency at CalArts.