The Mortuary operates as RSVP only.
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An Immersive Nap Experience
Conceived by Joshua Hill
and his cat Gustav Meowler

2pm-Sunset+++ @ The Mortuary
(see schedule below; last entry at 3pm)

RSVP only, limited spots
RSVP by emailing
Lincoln Heights (90031) address disclosed upon RSVP

Participation fee: $15

2-3p: Get your tea, get your cozy in order
3-5p: CatNap
Sunset: We shall emerge into the unfolding night and share scrumptious soup

Kitties, Meow Meows, and Jaguars! Bring your PJs and blankies, set up your snooze station, celebrate the New Year in the supremely cozy experience that is CatNap. Ever wish you could curl up in bed and trot out and about at the same time? Kick off 2019 with a purr at CatNap, a new rejuvenating way of being social.

CatNap is an innovative communal nap with immersive music, curated to the needs of the modern-day cat napper. Together, without speaking, we will doze off to ambient drones, majik fiddles, and geetars in an expansive sauna of sounds. We have some very special Meows performing for this special occasion Gregory Uhlmann, Pauline Lay, Joshua Hill, and Caleb Veazy.