What is Contact Improvisation? A social dance, a language of bodies, a paradigm of somatic inquiry into being, an act of pleasure seeking, a political statement, a tool of personal transformation, or maybe just a bunch of weird people rolling around on the ground. Let us embody this ineffability through our movements, collectively experiencing our subjective truths. This Contact Improv class series is a workshop on strategies of moving together with physical contact as the starting point. This will be a time for co-creative experimentation into who we are and how we relate, through the process of falling..flying...lifting...sliding...coming towards…..walking away…..

This weekly class series is open to newcomers and experienced movers alike. Students may attend individual sessions or return week after week for sustained movement research. All classes are by RSVP at The Mortuary’s beautiful studio in Lincoln Heights, and are customized each week to best reflect the interests of the students in attendance. The series will begin with a focus on learning the grammar of Contact Improvisation, with exercises designed to sharpen our listening skills and general somatic acuity. Over time we will begin to use the form as an investigatory tool and self-reflective practice, drawing from lineages of CI, authentic movement, body-mind centering, axis syllabus, and other movement modalities.

Instructor: Alex Weinstein spent the past 2 years on a worldwide pilgrimage of Contact Improvisation, dancing and teaching at many of its epicenters such as Earthdance, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Arambol, India. It has been a journey that has not only changed the way Alex moves physically but also relationally, helping him find joy in the unknown and alignment in loving compassion. With infinite gratitude to his teachers such as Anjelika Doniy, Nancy Stark Smith, and Frey Faust; he is excited to share his passion and practice with the Los Angeles community.