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The Mortuary Presents:
DUST, the quietest Big Band in the World
VERGE/RESOLVE, piece for amplified solo cello
by Toronto-based Composer Cory Harper-Latkovich

1/26/19, 8pm, $10

The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab.
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Dust is the quietest big band in the known world. Founded in the early 20th century by beekeeper and violinist Abraham Dust, the ensemble began as a traveling novelty attraction known regionally throughout the southeastern United States until the Great Depression. Reconvened in Toronto nearly a century later with the blessing and guidance of its founder, Dust gracefully maintains the long held assertion that all which vanishes is not lost. As an emissary of Dust, Cory Harper-Latkovich has convened this ensemble of local musicians to present Dust to the city of Los Angeles. 

Verge/Resolve is a piece for amplified solo cello which explores the delicate synthesis of percussive extended technique and feedback. This piece represents the culmination of almost a year of private experimentation fuelled by a desire to find new sonic possibilities for the instrument after a long period of feeling unsatisfied with cello and uninterested in writing music for the instrument. Verge/Resolve a string of long static structures, each representing a highly structured, narrowly focused improvisations. 

Nigel Deane - Violin
Ben Finley - Bass
Joshua Hill - Violin/Cello
Chris Williams - Trumpet Cory Harper-Latkovich - Cello
Emma McCarthy -Flute
Cody Putman - Bassoon
Marta Tiesenga - Saxophone
Anthony Storniolo - Percussion