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The Mortuary Presents:
Jessika Kenney
Reb Fountain
Jolie Holland
Eyvind Kang
Rebecca Schiffman

Feb 9, 8pm, $10

The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab;
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A murmuring of a song circle and its stories, inspired by the visit of reb fountain from New Zealand, a dear friend from 20 years ago. This resonant group gathers around the Go grid, intertwining in untold space, to share the sounds of their intertwining histories, imaginary pasts, and sacred visions in song and tale.

Jessika Kenney is nourishing a harbor of voices. She practices "headless translation" as a way of vocalizing texts and their underbellies.

A pre-eminent singer and performer Reb Fountain has for years been the musicians secret. Reb released and toured the second of her stellar new projects, ‘Little Arrows’; a much awaited album featuring the late Sam Prebble that was nominated for Best New Zealand Folk Album 2018.

Jolie Holland is a singer, songwriter, bandleader, producer and author who has made an extensive collection of first-hand ghost story narratives.

Eyvind Kang is a composer and viola player who has released more than 20 albums of original music. He has also collaborated closely with musicians in many worlds.

Rebecca Schiffman's most recent single "Song for a Writer" was described by aquarium Drunkard as "a mellotron infused slice of pop perfection". Originally from NYC and now based in LA, Schiffman has released three albums and is also a painter and freelance writer.