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Linda's Birthday Party:
An Experimental Nordic Larp (Live Action Role Playing)
Created by Kaia Aardal, Mona Liland Aabel and Grethe Strand
Facilitated by Aaron Vanek

@The Mortuary
*Lincoln Heights (90031) location disclosed upon RSVP

1/10/19 & 1/11/19 - two runs of the same larp
$15 at door (cash/card)
RSVP ONLY - very limited capacity
RSVP by emailing

Linda is turning six years old and you are invited to her birthday party! Release your inner child as a 5, 6, or 7 year old at Linda's 6th birthday. Featuring simple pre-made characters, party hats, party games, hot dogs*, candy and CAKE!

* We will be polling attendees about actual dietary restrictions and adjusting food accordingly.

This is a simple game where the players get a chance to meet their inner child again and eat as much cake as they want. Great for people new to live action role playing (larp), as well as long-term larpers taking a break from weighty worldly issues and world-saving heroics.


Workshop safety & consent + prep to access your childish nature = 60-90 minutes
The party = 90-120 minutes
Wrap and debrief = 30 minutes

WHAT IS LARP (Experimental Nordic Style)?

Larp, or Live Action Role Playing, is an ancient, global art form where participants have some control over the narrative through a role they embody and enact through improvisational techniques. Nordic larps are often considered to be on the progressive, experimental fringe of larps.

Grethe Sofie Bulterud Strand is a Norwegian organizer, game designer and larper. Co-editor of "Once Upon a Nordic Larp...Twenty Years of Playing Stories (2017)."

Kaia Aardal and Mona Liland Aabel are Norwegian larpers, organizers, game designers and co-founders of the Norwegian larp group Solgløtt.

Aaron Vanek (facilitator) has been larping since 1986, and believes larps have a huge potential to change the world, one individual at a time.