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by Borey Shin
@ The Mortuary

Sun, 5/19/19 @ 7pm
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The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab.
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That’s what it is to have the presumption to insinuate oneself into these forbidden places, to shatter their silence if only by murmurs, by babblings…with the most timid, prudent words…Let them once penetrate, and they are certain to introduce others…
—Nathalie Sarraute, The Use of Speech

rotunda is a premiere of new work by sound/visual artist and composer, Borey Shin. In a collaborative effort with Nick Hon, Antonin Fajt, and Serena Caffrey, this intermedia event features animations, acoustic and electronic sounds, and Serena Caffrey's performance piece, All That Rises. rotunda is also a celebration of the release of Borey's album of the same name, to be released on cassette tape by the Massachusetts-based friendshiptapes label.

Nick Hon—drums
Borey Shin—synthesizer
Antonin Fajt—synthesizer
Serena Caffrey—voice


The Mortuary is home to unclassifiable experiences, unusual collaborations, and underserved voices. We build community and incubate new performance centered around intimate exchange. We create context for liminal, hybrid, chimeric and otherwise uncontainable practices to realize themselves by doing.