The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab.
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The Mortuary Presents:
An Experimental Nordic Larp (Live Action Role Playing)

Created by Nina Runa Essendrop & Simon Steen Hansen
with Live Music by James Vitz-Wong, Parch Es & Anthony Storniolo

Feb 28 @7pm, $15
Mar 1 is currently at capacity

The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab;
RSVP by emailing
We will share our Lincoln Heights address and instructions in confirmation email.

White Death (Hvit død) is an abstract, poetic, non-verbal blackbox larp focused on physical play. A group of pioneers set out for the mountains with the aim of creating a new society, bringing only the absolute necessities, as well as hope and dreams. Life in the mountains turned out to be hard and demanding. They had traveled too far, and couldn’t find their way back. The players are guided through feelings like anger, frustration, sorrow, and fear – and peace and closeness which follow the characters’ gentle deaths.

WHAT IS LARP (Experimental Nordic Style)?

Larp, or Live Action Role Playing, is an ancient, global art form where participants have some control over the narrative through a role they embody and enact through improvisational techniques. Nordic larps are often considered to be on the progressive, experimental fringe of larps.

No experience with larp is necessary, both beginners and veterans are welcome!